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Admission essay is an article written by a potential student who is supposed to join either a college or a university. Admission essays mainly contain the information about the prospective student and the institution uses to identify the character of the student who is to be admitted. This means that the theme of the admission essay will defer greatly depending on what the admission board of a particular academic institution will find prerequisite. In order to come up with a comprehensive idea of what the prospective will portray in the school, many schools find it convenient for the students to write more than one admission essay. A student who doesn’t take the writing admission essay seriously may forfeit his or her chance in the academic institution since most of the institution rate the article very important and key for the admission. It’s therefor mandatory for the students to take keen interest in writing essay however the high the qualification of the student is. Admission essay shouldn’t be too lengthy since it will tend to lose focus, students are thus advised to be precise and stringent in what they are writing, it’s from these factors that they can get disqualified, any simple mistake committed. The student who is doing an admission essay must be able to expose his or her character in a clear and honest manner, clear definition of personality and a mature explanation of what the student intends to do in the academic institution. It is also considered important that if the student includes his or her extra-curriculum activities in the admission essay. This will tend to make the essay lively and less heavy, proper diction of words and matured humor enlightens the reader to continue with perusing through the essay and thus giving the student a chance.

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