What is Admission Essay?

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An admission essay is also referred to as a personal statement, application essay or college essay. An admission essay is prepared by a prospective student as a component of university or college admission processes and procedures. An admission essay is an instrument by which universities and colleges find out more about their prospective applicants. Colleges and university admission counselors have varying reasons for the importance they place on admission essays for applicant. Accordingly, some institutions place great significance on admission essays, particularly those dealing with humanities and social sciences. These institutions believe that an admission essay is the most significant component of an admission application by any applicant to the institution(s).

Institutions exercising admission essay programs provide one or more topics for applicant to discuss in writing. However, other institutions offer admission essay through an ‘open topic’ policy where the admission applicant can choose any topic they feel comfortable writing on. Some of the most common topic admission essay applicants are given include past experiences, career aspirations, reasons for applying to the particular institution, as well as topics on educational strengths and weaknesses. Admission essay applicants are advised to search for excellent resources to write their admission essay. Some of the resources include articles, sample essays, blogs, and videos, which can be easily found on the Internet. University and college libraries and websites are also great areas of finding excellent resources for writing a convincing admission essay. Some educational institutions have common application admission essay and may also provide applicants with extra supplemental admission essay(s) according to their institutional policy.

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