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Coming from the most diverse academic backgrounds, the founders of AdmissionEssayHelper.com share the same goals and interests of helping needy college and university applicants with their admission projects. The latter are known as the best tools needed to enter the schools and programs students are dreaming about.

AdmissionEssayHelper.com began its academic path years ago with the main aim – to deliver its top-notch service, as well as to unite educated and dedicated editors, authors and admissions officials to contribute to its mission.

Over the years, AdmissionEssayHelper.com center has successfully drawn a huge gang of published writers, scholars and many other specialists as a collective source of professional guidance, advice and inspiration required by the potential students searching for assistance with their application projects.

  • We provide you with an opportunity to reveal yourself with our professional admission essay help offered by our personnel.
  • Editorial and advisory boards members have successfully comprised wise and educated graduates from the most trusted educational institutions such as NYU, Yale, Harvard, UCLA, Oxford, Berkeley, assisting student with high quality application statements like an admission essay.
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In the present day, AdmissionEssayHelper.com is proud to have helped dozens of college applicants, undergraduates and graduates from all over the globe to successfully pursue the whole range of admission goals through researching, writing and editing their professional school application projects that can showcase their potential.