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Even if you have excellent writing skills, writing college admission essay task can make your heart sank to your boots. A hard pressure of the deadline, a blank page which should be filled with not less than 600 words – seems like a shot from a horror movie. Fear not! We have provided simple tips for college admission essay writing that will help you to come up with the college admission essay ideas and make the process of writing college admission essay easier.

Firstly, follow the requirements of your tutor. If he wants you to write 600 words, don’t write 1500. If you’re required to write about fashion industry figure, do not write about Jack the Ripper!

Secondly, define your passion. What your essay should be about is what is really important and interesting for you. Writing from your heart is easier than from your head.

Thirdly, make sure you provide the admission committee with realistic information. If you are writing about a certain figure or event, make sure you have used correct dates and names.

Fourthly, make your audience feel what you are talking about. If you have saved your friend from fire, there’s no need to tell them about the accident. You should better describe the sounds, the smells, your fear etc. Use your word to paint the picture in the heads of your readers.

Fifthly, you need to have good knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure. If you cannot boast of that, never overcompensate. If you use the words that do not fit into the story, your audience will 100% decide that you’re not the author of the project.

Sixthly, don’t forget about humor. If you had the reputation of a class clown, you’ve got an opportunity to prove that all those principle’s telling-offs were not in vain. But be careful. Humor is a good way to present your admission essay only if you have a good sense of it! Remember, sarcasm is forbidden in college admission essay.

Seventhly, don’t be odd. If you want your essay to stand out against a background of your classmates, you shouldn’t use different attention-grabbers. Remember, no bright funny fonts, no gifts or multi-colored paper!

And finally, one of the most significant tips for college admission essay is that one should re-write the paper as many times as necessary. Don’t forget to edit it and re-edit! Ask someone to proofread it to mark the punctuation and grammar mistakes.

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