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As students, you have the task of doing your coursework. This entails the studies that you will conduct in class as the lecturer teaches you and you take down the notes. These notes for your coursework are a record of all that you have learnt across the course and they have to be taken very carefully not to take down the wrong notes. When taking down notes for your college admission essay, be careful so that you are sure that you are actually taking the correct notes. This is because if you take the wrong notes, you make a danger of giving the wrong information when you will be answering the examinations. Remember that examination question questions are strictly set within the coursework and you should cover your coursework very excellently. The examinations will be determined by how much you have covered from the curriculum. The setters of the coursework use the curriculum as their guide and even the exams are set from the very curriculum. It is there fore required of the student that he or she must concentrate in all that is even given as part of the university assignments. Good record keeping is very important and the possession of all the resources like textbooks and other learning materials is very important. Teachers should also be very comprehensive in their coverage of the coursework. By the end of the semester, not part of the coursework should still be pending undone. This is because the examinations will be wet to cover the whole syllabus and if the course’s work was not comprehensive, then students will fail. Custom coursework must be completed in god time for excellence of students.

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