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College admission essay writing is an obligatory point every student should go through in order to be human to the college/university admission committee.

What Are You Concerned About?

The majority of committees let students write college admission essay about almost anything. Thus, the topics for admission essay you may give your preference to will reveal to the admission office what you are really concerned about in your life. If in your opinion the best admission essay is the one about your bike or a collection of Tamagotchis, you tell the committee that things like that are still of a great importance for you. If you are trying hard to find the best admission essay topic, you need to put down 4 things that are significant in your life and then make the list of the things you have done in order to prove how important these things are in your personal life. For instance, if teaching was so important for you, you can write about the hours you have spent with poor achievers to help them to improve their results.

What Are Your BEST Qualities of Character?

Muse upon the best qualities that you are endowed with. If nothing comes up to your mind, ask people you know to describe your personality. Then write about some specific situation that shows these features in you. For instance, you may dedicate your essay to an accident that has happened when you and your friends went on a two-day’s walking tour and your friends have fallen into the pitfall, and you had to go alone searching for help. Thus, you will prove that you are not only a hard-working student, but also a faithful friend one can rely upon.

How Do You Overcome Difficulties?

Every young person needs to make a very important decision when he/she is going to apply to a particular college/university. The way you solve your problems and make important decisions in your life will show the admission committee representatives what level of thinking you have. If you write an essay about how you decided what college/university to go by pronouncing a counting-out rhyme, you are demonstrating a low-level thinking. But if you prove that you have spent hours, days and weeks to make the right choice, following your friends’ and parents’ pieces of advice, you will be the gainer!

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